Making Media


Here are links to resources about tools and techniques to create media.

Media strategy & resources

A step-by-step guide to creating a media strategy

What’s your video strategy to raise funds?

Resources for citizen journalists & researchers

A 13-point guide for creating media

How to prevent against online libel and defamation

Video & multimedia

How to effectively use calls to action in nonprofit videos

Creating compelling advocacy videos for nonprofits

Techniques to add dazzle to your advocacy video

6 ways YouTube is helping out nonprofits

How to make cause marketing video that doesn’t suck

Guide to shooting better online video

A quick guide to multimedia software: Overview of software for multimedia editing & video hosting

Complete guide to creating a video project

How nonprofits should be using visual storytelling Tips on live-streaming events on the cheap

Digital storytelling: A tutorial in 10 easy steps

Digital storytelling: From soup to nuts

Visual storytelling checklist

8 tips to help you shoot video like a pro

6 tips for shooting effective Web video

Mash up a visual story for your nonprofit: New multimedia tools include RockYou, Slide and Animoto

Shoot video for your nonprofit with a digital camera

Create video stories for your nonprofit in 6 steps (video)

An introduction to screencasting

Comparing Terms of Service at video sites Covering social good events: An interview with a grassroots video entrepreneur

Create a video story without a camcorder


6 tips on how to shoot photos like a pro

How to capture great photos on the road

Podcasting, Webcasting & audio


BlogTalkRadio: Extend the reach of your nonprofit

How to record & edit a 2-minute audio interview

A quick guide to multimedia software: Overview of podcasting software & hosting

Fixing unbalanced sound levels in your podcast

Podcasting Legal Guide: Rules for the Revolution


Guide to publishing a successful ebook

Self-publishing: Tell your story in print

Turn your nonprofit’s blog into an ebook

Social media: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter

See our wide-ranging series of tutorials on:




Social media

Are you using the right blogging tool? (Offsite — OJR)


Change-makers share 10 of their favorite tools

12 open source tools you should be using

An educator’s top 5 tools for social change

Top 5 tools for the entrepreneurial journalist

A change agent’s top 5 tools for social change

Web 2.0 productivity tools

Resources for citizen journalists & researchers

• Socialbrite articles on social tools, resources & tutorials

Social actions toolset: widgets, plug-ins, apps, tools


How to prevent against online libel and defamation

Model release form: A legal waiver for the subjects of your videos or photo sessions

The rules around capturing public performances

Freedom of information: It’s for everyone

Guide to shooting photos in public

Fair use in the digital age

Comparing Terms of Service at video sites

• For more, see our Citizen media & the law section


How nonprofits can use geolocation

The best-designed social networks on Ning

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